About Me

I help my Clients by designing, configuring, troubleshooting and upgrading their Cisco and Cisco Meraki networks. I also lead a small Software development team that uses AWS-centric serverless technologies to build systems and integrations to derive more value from existing systems and the data they hold.

I’ve worked as a one-man-army contractor, for small businesses, and for huge multi-billion pound organisations. My roles have largely been technical in nature, but I’ve also run teams of up to 20 people, providing a range of Technical Pre-sales and Project Management capabilities to my Clients and Sales teams.

My networking experience is largely built around large public sector organisations, including NHS Trusts, Ambulance Services, Universities and College Groups. In particular, I focus on all the things necessary to make great WiFi.

I live in Oxfordshire (United Kingdom) where I work for ITGL.