WiFi is complex and it can break in a great many ways, but the approach to troubleshooting anything is basically the same every time. We compare what we see happening, with what we think should be happening in a correctly configured and well optimised environment, and we make changes as necessary to close the gap. Clearly then, possessing knowledge about what good looks like and access to good diagnostic data, are both key to effective troubleshooting. In this post I look at common ways of remotely gathering that diagnostic data across a range of common Clients and Networks, such as Cisco, Meraki, Microsoft Windows, and Apple.

It’ll take me an age to do deep dives on all of these things, so for now this is a post containing links to useful troubleshooting resources. The content within these links is essentially things I just know, or resources I link to frequently to help me do my job.


Identity Services Engine

Debug logging

AireOS Wireless LAN Controllers - 2504, 3504, 5508, 5520, 8510, 8540

Recommended AireOS Software

AireOS Features by Software Version

AireOS / IOS-XE Feature Comparison Matrix

Client debugging

WLC Crash Logs

IOS-XE Wireless LAN Controllers - 9800 series

Recommended IOS-XE Software

IOS-XE WLC Features by Software Version

Troubleshooting quick start guide

Debug logging & WLC packet captures

Common Wireless Client Connectivity Issues

WLC Crash Logs

Access Points

AP fails to join WLC

Advanced COS AP Troubleshooting


Wireless Network Troubleshooting

Advanced troubleshooting for Wireless networks

802.1X Authentication

Collecting data for 802.1x troubleshooting

Advanced troubleshooting 802.1X authentication

Windows Client

Wireless Network Reporting

See also: (from windows command prompt) “Netsh wlan ….” set of commands.



Debug Profiles and Logging for iOS


Debug Profiles and Logging for macOS